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Swing-Jive Party

An Unforgettable Night of Great Entertainment with a Difference

Swing-Jive is a fantastic dance based on Swing and Jive music from the 1940s and 1950s. (Think of Glen Miller, Bill Haley and the Comets, Elvis Presley and the like).

With influences from Swing, Jive, Lindyhop and the Jitterbug it makes for an exciting night of entertainment - guaranteed to keep everyone foot-tapping to the beat. It’s easy to learn with just about anyone able to pick up the moves, and it’s suitable for all ages,too.

Give your party a fun ‘Retro’ theme

Have your guests dress in the style of the 1940s and 1950s to create an amazing atmosphere.

Ladies can wear 1940s style dresses - with hairdo and make-up to match, 1950s flared dresses and skirts(Polka-Dot looks great),or slacks - again with hairstyles and make-up to match.

Men can wear pleat-fronted trousers with braces, a white shirt, and topped off with a trilby or cloth cap. For a later, 1950s look, Hawaiian shirts look great.

Both Ladies and Men can dress in military style clothing of the era; including Land Army girls and munitions factory workers; there are so many possibilities!

Retro Clothing is easy to find

Suitable clothing can be obtained from charity shops, army surplus stores, on-line, fancy dress shops, a growing number of vintage clothing shops, friends and family - even your own wardrobe.

Of course dressing up is not essential, but it will really make your party swing

Before the Swing- Jive lesson starts

To get everyone in the mood, guests are invited onto the dance floor for a short and simple warm-up dance routine, called The Stroll. (It’s a bit like line dancing - without the Cowboys!)

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Swing Jive

‘Everyone had a fantastic time... thanks to you, the evening really took off... we shall definitely be recommending you... bravo!

Very best wishes,

Anita and Rod.’

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