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With a Themed Party: Salsa, Swing - Jive, Line Dancing, Barn Dancing or a Disco

 we will entertain your guests and get them dancing.

Salsa For Schools

Salsa as part of the School Curriculum

A Salsa class has proved very popular with all children of Primary School age and Year 7 girls.

Many school children, from four years old and above, (including those with special needs) love to dance.

We provide Salsa classes as a lesson during school time, or as an after-school activity. The children will learn to dance Salsa, but the lesson is presented in an enthusiastic, good-humoured and fun manner.

With a school period of around forty minutes; the children will learn a simple, but fun, routine.

We like to keep-the-kettle-boiling, in order to maintain the children’s interest, and keep them occupied.

Salsa lessons culminating in a show (A case history)

A day of Salsa for the whole of Bishopsdown Primary School, Tunbridge Wells

My partner and myself started, during morning assembly, by performing a showcase Salsa dance. Throughout the day we conducted Salsa classes for all of the children, from Reception upwards. The end of the day culminated in a demonstration Salsa dance; performed by each year in turn, to demonstrate their newly acquired dancing skills – much to the delight of the on-looking parents!

Experience Counts

As a father of three: I’ve hosted many birthday parties, and entertained for large numbers of children. Since 2002, I’ve taught Salsa to groups of children and adults alike; as well as providing traditional birthday party entertainment and games for younger children. Also, I have experience with teaching Salsa to children, and adults, with mixed abilities.

I have a CRB certificate and carry public liability insurance.

Salsa and Swing/Jive for Parents Evenings and Functions

If your school organises social evenings, you might like to consider a Salsa Night or a Swing/Jive Night.

This could be expanded to incorporate a Spanish theme or a Retro 1940s/50s Night . Coupled with our Disco, you would enjoy a complete evening of entertainment.

We, also, offer a six week Salsa or Jive course for absolute beginners.

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