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Salsa, Swing-Jive, Line Dancing and Barn Dancing Party Entertainment

DJ & Disco Hire

With a Themed Party: Salsa, Swing - Jive, Line Dancing, Barn Dancing or a Disco

 we will entertain your guests and get them dancing.

Private Salsa Lessons

Private Salsa Classes for Individuals, Couples and Small Groups

Salsa Dance Parties provides private Salsa tuition for individuals, couples and small groups. Joining a Salsa club, and taking lessons within a group, makes for a great night out; however, because of  class size, the Salsa teacher will not be able to give everyone individual attention.

Relaxed and informal

My style of teaching is relaxed and informal. You will learn at a pace that suits you – without pressure. Often, all that’s required is a boost in confidence. Don’t worry if you feel that you can’t dance – or have ‘two left feet’. My patient approach to teaching Salsa has seen many hit the dance floor with confidence.

Private Salsa lessons to address a problem

If you are experiencing problems with your timing, turns or balance – or, maybe, you just feel that you’re not quite ‘getting it’ – then a short course of private Salsa lessons (or in some cases, just one) will really pay dividends.

For those not wishing to learn within a large group

A course of private Salsa lessons benefits those that would prefer some individual attention and not wishing to learn to dance Salsa within a large group.

Learn the ‘Basics’ faster

You will benefit from private lessons, if you would like to learn to dance Salsa in a shorter space of time – before going out to the clubs.

Going on holiday

You may be going on holiday, where you expect some Salsa dancing to be taking place; Cuba, Spain, or on a Cruise? Learn to dance in preparation before you go!

Getting Married

We will teach you a fantastic Salsa dance routine to perform for your first dance; guaranteed to surprise and amaze your guests!

Private Salsa lessons as a gift with a difference

A short course of lessons makes an ideal gift for someone special.

Free Salsa Practice CD

Take two private Salsa lessons or more, and you will receive a complimentary Salsa Practice CD – yours to keep.

To find out more or make a booking

It’s easy. Simply call Philippe on 07720 517 677.

Alternatively; send an email for a prompt response to your enquiry.